Art projects

The need to share my vision with others through photo series came to me while I was still studying. But at the time I was too impatient and not mature enough for it. I was always looking for something to talk about, but time and personal experience brought me to the topic on its own.

The project shows 20 large-format portraits of 20 women of different faiths.

20 women renounce all external jewelry, wrap themselves in a simple garment, no external sign of their faith, nothing distracts. Just looking at the camera.

Art Project



Willy-Brandt-Platz Erfurt, 10.Sep - 10.Oct. 2021

Working on this photo series is a reflection of my own experiences and feelings as a foreigner in Germany. Through this story, I wanted to turn people towards each other, to ask that we get to know each other first and not treat each other based on prejudice.

Documentary photography



Kunsthalle Erfurt, 2018

We hear them often, rarely see them and when we do, we help out in difficult situations. But we don't know the people in their heavy uniforms with breathing masks, although we have the greatest trust in them. We would trust any of them with our child.

Where do these people work, who give every city its image and ensure that the lives of the citizens are made safer.

Documentary photography



Angermuseum Erfurt, 2019


Fire department Erfurt